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Medical advice online ?

The internet is giving you unprecedented usage of health information. You need to use your means wisely since there is plenty of false information too. Years back,sizzling hot it is possible to find out a little more about your doctor’s credentials is usually to actually see a clinic. You’d get back not familiar with the process you’re going to take,of course,if you’re really curious,you might have to visit your local library to secure a reference book. Or,if you are fortunate enough,your encyclopedia could have the details you’d need.

It’s not surprising that cosmetic surgeons are jumping on the web bandwagon. Word of mouth referrals are still the more valuable element. While this easy usage of facts are exciting,never try and think of your own diagnosis. You can completely miss the ballpark and spend greater than necessary. Your best bet should be to check if the surgeon is really accredited. This can be practiced by searching through legitimate websites like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
It’s a greater portion of attaining an equilibrium. Go start to see the doctor,speak about the process you would like,have a test on how safe it will likely be in your case,and check out testimonials from previous customers that doctor. Always discuss the treatment online using the expert and check if it’s something it is possible to have. Look out for recent developments too and bring them up throughout the conversation.

Face-to-face interaction is a must and it is possible to only give a go signal when you’ve established rapport.
No matter how non-invasive your treatment might be,you should tread carefully and look to the longevity of your surgeon. It’s the best thing you’ve Beverly Hills Aesthetics to go to. This is LA surgeon and it is possible to bet that they’re going to provide you with the best kind of service.

The Health Clinic is different

The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic was founded in ’09 being the 1st Medical Travel Agency in Estonia. During the years we have gained plenty of experience and view the needs and expectations of our patients. We have helped over the thousand patients who’ve turned to us using their health conditions,and now we need to continue providing the most effective medical service and patient experience inside the future.

We are specialising in weight-loss surgery (bariatrics) and plastic cosmetic surgery. We have chosen to be effective together using the top medical specialists in Estonia and all our procedures and operations are performed in Estonia’s biggest and a lot advanced private and public hospitals.

* We work with commission meaning we’re able to provide our patients using the top deals available.
* We ensure that you bring our patients together using the best specialists in their field so that the ideal results.
* Our prices include local transportation,all communication relating to the patient and medical staff and a designated Patient Coordinator to take care of our patients’ needs and problems.

Our Patient Coordinator are at Your service since the very first contact. That person could be the link between You and the medical specialist and definately will manage each of the questions and issues before Your trip to Estonia– if you don’t remain unsolved.

Our Patient Coordinator will probably be welcoming You when You arrive to Tallinn and ensure that everything goes as planned during Your stay. All the logistics and transfers will probably be cared for so You don’t worry about this kind of matters. Our Patient Coordinator will probably be at Your service 24/7. The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic and our medical staff will also be available for You once you return home,and we all can assist with any concerns that will arise.


First steps

For obesity surgery we’ll need to know a more detailed history about Your medical conditions,previous attempts of reducing your weight,medications You are taking etc. and for that we have a special questionnaire.

For plastic cosmetic surgery e-mail consultation is completed using pictures. We might request some additional information regarding You,including Your age,health and wellness condition,previous operations etc.

Our Surgeons goes through the information You provided us and recommend an activity that is best for You. If You are a suitable candidate,then we’ll find a time for operation quickly (generally within 1-3 weeks depending on the process).

Before surgery

Before visiting the operation you might be obligated to deliver us (by e-mail) the results from the tests that have to be done prior the operation (mammography,blood tests etc). With obesity surgery all tests and analysis are performed in Estonia on Your arrival towards the hospital.

We will point You the schedule,hospital rules (also how you can get ready for surgery) and the contract so You can familiarise yourself with all the current details.

The payment is completed in advance. Usually we’ll send a 100% amount from the invoice by e-mail,but there is also a possibility to spend 50% in advance to ensure the booking and the remaining part could be paid at the hospital before surgery by cash or charge card. However,if your payment is completed by charge card,there will probably be yet another handle of 1.3% for that utilization of bank terminal.

For plastic cosmetic surgery procedures the sufferer comes to fruition at Tallinn around the morning/midday from the surgery. For bariatric surgeries (except gastric balloon) it will always be required to arrive eventually prior towards the surgery (if there aren’t any early flights) as the tests have to be done quite early inside the morning around the day of surgery (ultrasonography,blood tests,EKG and later on gastroscopy). Here is a more detailed list about possible direct flight from London to Tallinn.

Day of surgery

Our Patient Coordinator delays for You at the airport to invite you to Estonia and drive You safely towards the hospital (about 15-20 min car ride). Our Patient Coordinator is really a local person who speaks English and he or she will make sure all Your wishes and concerns will probably be dealt with during Your entire stay here. She will explain how the day will probably progress and how Your stay in Estonia will look like.

When You attain the hospital our Patient Coordinator will introduce a medical facility environment and help you using the check-in process. You will need to have Your passport or ID card ready. The hospital is equipped with comfortable rooms. You can also have a very relative or a friend to share with you the non-public room together with you (one night costs €110,meals included).

There is also free WIFI that patients are able to use in their rooms.

The Patient Coordinator together using the hospital staff will quickly realize You the the most appropriate room and definately will also consider each of the special needs that You might have (e.g. special menu).

When arriving to Your room,You can take Your time settling in and while our Patient Coordinator goes over the process with You- signing from the contracts (delivered to You earlier by e-mail),payment for surgery (cash or charge card) should you haven’t already paid 100% in advance,Your check-out time,plus the general agenda for that day. We will order You a taxi that takes you straight towards the airport around the day of Your departure from a medical facility (we use the best taxi company in Estonia,Tallink Taxi). We’ll also give You a free taxi coupon. The taxi driver is already aware from the client’s name and the destination. Our Patient Coordinator may also send You a reminder text message regarding the taxi arrival time,eventually before Your departure- so You don’t worry about forgetting some time or perhaps the need of writing it down.

A special folder emerges to You which includes all Your necessary documents- anything,invoice,aftercare instructions,an instructive booklet (including a map of local shops,entertainment along with other places inside the area),a free taxi coupon and the Patient Coordinator’s business card wonderful her info. After everything is completed and explained,our Patient Coordinator leaves and continues to talk to you can either by telephone or texting.

Soon a Nurse will visit You to measure Your blood pressure level. You will need to fill in a questionnaire of anaesthesiology furnished by a medical facility. After filling against each other the Nurse is going to take it towards the Anaesthesiologist.

You will dress to the special hospital clothes and wait for that Surgeon to visit You and to have a very final consultation with him/her prior to the surgery.

Please be advised that depending on the Surgeons and/or operation room schedule Your operation could take place inside the second half from the day.

After the consultation You will probably be associated with the Surgeon towards the operation. Your room door will probably be locked so all your personal items will probably be safe.

Depending on the process the operation will last between 30 min and 4h. After the surgery You will probably be taken towards the intensive care unit. When it is confirmed that You are well,You will probably be taken back to Your room. The Surgeon will probably be checking up on You regularly.

When having obesity surgery,our Certified Therapist in Clinical Nutrition will probably be coming over for a thorough consultation about Your diet after surgery.

After surgery

Generally the sutures are absorbable but a majority of safety sutures around the scars might have to be removed 5-14 days as soon as the surgery depending on the process.

Aftercare instructions will probably be included in Your personal folder and now we will probably be available for You by e-mail or phone helping You with all the current questions or concerns that will arise.

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